Back to the Drawing Board… Literally

I’m getting back into drawing on a semi-regular schedule and I’m so excited about it! While I have many, many, MANY ideas, I need to start buckling down and work on them.  This leads to my scheduling art days.
Anyways, here is a sample of a work in progress.  It’s a pen and ink drawing where I plan on using hidden text to help with the shading and texture.
Thanks for letting me share because there is more to come!


A wash will be applied!

Still without wash, but with some additions.

hitRECord Collaborations

Summer is near an end and I find myself (again!) scrambling for some type of stable footing.  Last year at this time, it was lack of a  job and my relationship that was sending me into fits.  This year, it’s finding a home and starting up some type of stable business/creative outlet for myself.  Along with Errant Easel, I plan on showcasing my work on my own website AND branch out to HitRecord. is a collaborative website where artist of various interests share their work and, yes, collaborate to create a variety of products.  You are able to propose collaborations or participate in them.  You can even just put some work up to share – which is what I did this evening.  I hope to one day participate in a collaboration, but small steps.  Please check out my records under the name staciagain.  Anyhoo…..

Here is my submission for



The above figure was drawn using Sketchbook Pro.  While I’m not yet proficient with the program, I feel pretty comfortable with the tools and like the finish product.  I hope to eventually use this program to create other such works and have them printed at a local print shop to sell.  Look out Pike County Artisans – I’m coming!

PS: Thanks to Joseph Gordon-Levitt for his investment in and his support, along with his team, of artists everywhere.  You rock!

Free Art Friday and Moore (See what I did there?)

Free Art Friday – the name describes the even perfectly.  As you may have noticed from Sara’s previous posts, the EE girls (and Brad) decided to participate.   The basic premise of Free Art Friday was to create artworks, display them around Lexington, and let anyone take them.  That’s right, your read correctly – artworks free for the taking!  It was a good, albeit rainy, day.  Fortunately for me I had the help of good friends (Joe and Jp) and the prospect of a sweet Art show by my friend Stevie Moore that night to get me through the 4 hour drive to Lexington and the process of putting up my work. More

Preview: Free Art Friday — Lexington, KY Edition

Attention Lexingtonians! The Errant Easel bloggers will be participating in Free Art Friday tomorrow, Friday July 13 right here in Lexington, KY. Along with other creators in town, we will post copies of our works (for free!) Friday morning in various locations.

Important notes:

These are original works that we want people to take home and enjoy or gift to those who would.

We will post the location of our work here on the Easel and at Facebook HQ for the event.

Check the Facebook page for the location of other free works submitted for your consideration.

If you have works you would like to send out into the world, join the FB group and spread the word.

If you take art, let us hear what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or here on the Easel.

Staci’s work will appear in the UK/South Limestone area, Dez will share her work at the Richmond Road Starbucks, and I will canvas the Woodland, Euclid and Rose Street areas. Hope you get some free art tomorrow!

Hello Linoleum….We Meet Again!

New haircut, new beginnings, same me

Hello one and all!  It has been, if you look back through my posts, Ca-RAAAAA-zy to say the least.  I’ve moved out of the apartment I’ve shared with my (former) significant other for almost 5 years which, let me tell you, was a bit harder than I had an anticipated.  Still, it was the move that had to be made.  Neither of us were very happy and we all know two unhappy people trying to be happy so the other will be happy = no one happy or I would accept one happy the other not.  That’s not a way to live and, saying that, I want to wish Doug much happiness and love.  It’s been pretty amicable with me only having a few – a few – minor breakdowns.


A little jumpstart couldn’t hurt could it? An inventory of creativity as it now stands

If you know me, you probably know I’ve struggled with finishing the final requirement to complete my Master in Public Health. However, with an uncharacteristic flourish of initiative, I made the arrangements to participate in a Dissertation/Thesis Boot Camp sponsored by the Graduate School. Last week I number crunched for eight hours a day in a barren little dorm room at Patterson Hall. Yes, I am claiming that as a vacation. This week I am writing 8 to noon and working 1-9pm at the lab. I’m cheating a little bit as Monday was Memorial Day, but four twelve hour days must count for something, right?

Last week went so swimmingly and I was rather proud of myself with the progress I made stitching together my data set and the early attempts to analyze it. I merged datasets, recoded variables, negated skip patterns in the survey, and even began to characterize my sample population. And it was good. The holiday weekend came and went with guest appearances by Adventurer, Conqueror, King, Draw Something, and steaks. Tuesday came and I was ready for it: continuous and categorical variables of interest were estimated and luminous demographic tables were erected. My head buzzed with the tangle of influences on my dependent variable I was beginning to delineate. And it was good.

And then this morning happened. And it was fair at best. Our organic and rather arbitrary black fluffy alarm clock went off at an unspeakable hour and refused to be placated with food, treats, pets, hugs, entreaties, bargains, pleas and barring all of that a good deal of hateful shushing. I’m sitting at Boot Camp (if any military friends care to comment on the oxymoron, you are well justified) now and really can not get started on task at hand. So I am squeezing words onto this blog until the runaway reaction of word fusion takes off and I can actually focus on the real reason I am sitting in a dorm room with nothing but a desk, lofted bed, and window to keep me company when many adults my age are typically at work receiving compensation for their time.

I have really missed posting on this blog. No excuses, just haven’t made time for creative endeavors when I’ve had it to devote until recently. There have been a few highlights but mostly there have been a few day-to-day discoveries I didn’t realize would be so creative. In the main event, my friend Grace and I recently took a “Introduction to Home Brewing” class at the Lexington Beerworks. The information was very accessible and the class covered the basic Brew Day routine while maintaining a largely conversational air of informality. I highly recommend taking a class if you have ever been interested in home brew and there is one coming up on June 2. I am also lucky that Grace’s husband, a beer hobbiest, will let us use his equipment and be on hand for the “oh, hell” moments. We are going to start our first batch this weekend using a “summer ale” kit we will tweak with the addition of orange peel.  Our batch will debut around Independence Day if all goes well. Fingers crossed!

In day-to-day operations, I have found myself completely addicted to Draw Something, a free app where you cooperatively send your friends drawings back and forth to guess the prompt word. I never realized how much fun it could be to tailor a pictorial message to the recipient. It’s comforting that sketches are digital and go away, but it’s leading me to want to sketch things out more often in real life. It’s also really neat to see the way your friends choose to approach a drawing or represent things to you. My only criticism of the free app is that the words are limited and you soon start drawing the same things over and over. However, the full version is cheap and I’m told there are more words and colors to use. If I ever bother to upgrade, I’ll let you know.

I’ve been playing a really fun pen and paper RPG system called Adventurer, Conquerer, King run by my friend Sam. I’ve played in a few D&D 3.5 and higher edition games and one D20 modern campaign but really have never explored other systems. It was an adjustment at first to declare actions prior to rolling for initiative and to hinge on a truly narrative based style of playing but I think it’s kind of the perfect system for me because of the narrative and the necessity of table talk to get things done. Last week we rescued an ankylosaurus and stopped an evil sorcerer from raising his army through ritual sacrifice. Sam runs a great game and everyone who plays does their character justice, something I could do better than I have been so far. Any tips for a Ruinguard from inside the Mandate?

So I maintain that there is creativity present in my life. It’s just used sparingly and not in the form I expect when I get up in the morning. Like what my capstone data tells me in direct contradiction to my hypothesis, lol. But I guess many good things probably come that way, though. Maybe it’s just part of learning to love the incidental discoveries in addition to making good things happen. I think that’s what I’m going with today and hope it helps you out, too, if you need it. I hope you’ll wish me luck as I return back to the world of statistical software packages and data analysis. I should be back soon to report on upcoming challenges for D3Z, Staci, and myself here on the Easel.

Until then,


I really should be packing…..

…..but obviously, I’m not!

Well, I have been – off and on at any rate.  In the process of packing, I have discovered that my initial “oh, I’ll just grab my things – no big deal” was way, WAY, off.  You don’t realize what you accumulate over the course of nearly 5 years of living in a space.  I have a lot of stuff, and a lot of things that I held on to but can’t for the life of me think of why.  Posters, stuffed animals, globes with the former USSR – those are all things that go with me, but other things – shared books, chairs, electronics….that is where I get confused and more sad.  Still, there is a light at the end of this tunnel and I will get there eventually on my hot pink scooter that my mom is trying really hard to be okay with (thank you Mom!).

Potent Pink – I dig it!


A Plan for a “New” Me at 31

I’m sure in the grand, wide, world I am not the only person who has wanted, at times, to be different from who they are.  It’s taken some 30 odd years, but I have come to realize that I can’t change who I am at the core of it all.   I like to believe that I’m better at controlling the aspects of my personality that aren’t the most pleasant: the unnecessary worry, the belief that holding all of it in is the best idea, the over thinking, you know, that kind of thing.  Overall, I don’t feel I’m a bad person.  I care about others, I feel guilt when I know I’m in the wrong, I do the best I can at work and if others call upon me, I’m honest…and hopefully I have other good qualities – I like to believe that anyways.  Now, I’m not perfect nor have I ever claimed to be.  What I don’t understand, and what I don’t have control over, is why I’m not wanted?

I'd rather draw myself as a robot. I don't know why. Maybe it's easier? Probably because I've only drawn myself well once - every other time....ehhhh?

Almost a year ago, I thought I’d be picking a wedding date and planning for a future that I thought I’d be a part of by now.  Well, I didn’t pick a wedding date and my future is something that, for the first time in a long time, I’m not even vaguely sure of.  Where I’ll be in my relationship in 4 months, what I’ll do be doing in 6 months – no idea.  I know where I’ll be, but I don’t know what that means for anything else.  No wonder I’m not feeling too great – but I’m trying not to be overwhelmed by it (one of those personality traits I’m better at controlling now).  I need a focus.  I need something that is for me, to help me feel better about myself, because right now, I’m not feeling too hot.  So, what can I do you ask?  Well, I can’t control how someone else feels, and I wouldn’t want to.  But I can control me – and I’m starting by controlling my body image.

Please don’t think that I’m running down a dark path here with my weight.  I feel pretty good about it – most of the time.  Prior to basketball season (I help coach our middle school boy’s team – 6th grade is my team in particular), I had joined Curves and was going to the university gym with my friend Jinny on a regular basis.  Ball season hit and WHAM! no time for anything, and what time I had went to school.  Now that it’s over, and with help from friends like Jinny and Michelle, I’m getting back on track to lose the weight I need to.  I’m roughly 40lbs heavier than I need to be for my height.  I don’t feel I eat too poorly, but I don’t too well either (sometimes).  Being alone most of the time, it is easier to just go grab something than to eat at home.  Not any more!  I eat at the house, I work out, and we’ll see how it goes from there.

How I see myself - until I see a picture of myself from behind, then watch out!

So, three days into my new plan for a new me, I feel better.  I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the course my life is taking, but who isn’t from time to time.  We can only do what we think, and sometimes more importantly feel, is right.  I’m trying that right now.  Besides the exercise, asking Jason Segel out  (which he has yet to respond to which I hold out the belief that it’s a “maybe”) and submitting an Avenger tshirt design at WeLoveFine (which, by the way, my design was picked for the contest! check out my process here) are also a part of me getting back out into the world and out of my own head.  Ramin’s Stevie Ray Vaughn painting is soon to follow….and a print for the basketball team….and cartoons of my 6th grade players.

Looks like I have some work to do doesn’t it.  Here I go, hello “new” me, nice to see you.  You remind me of old me.

Alright…It Is Finished

Sorry for the delay folks – but this past week has been C-RAAAA-ZY! Between basketball games, having fluid on the ear, and driving through an ice storm it’s been hectic to say the least. I didn’t even work on the design at all Saturday because I just wanted to sleep (which I did). Then Monday = ballgame, Tuesday = practice, Wednesday = ballgame, and tonight = ballgame. Soooo, I’m running on a little besides middle school boy’s basketball (which, by the way, my boys are the best – at least to me!) and Diet Mt. Dew.

Still, last night, I uploaded my three images to WeLoveFine. They are the following:

The first - and still the one I like the best

Avengers A-Weeble - but they don't fall down!


I really enjoyed working on this project, and I feel more comfortable with Sketchbook Pro. While I know this is a lot to ask – and I’m not really sure when they will actually be up on the website for view (as of this post I have confirmation emails that WeLoveFine had received my submissions, but the images aren’t on the contest site yet) – but if you would, go to and check out the designs. If you feel it worthy, please vote for me. Otherwise, vote for the one you like – I’m pretty chill like that.

Thanks for all the support and help, it has been appreciated – and enjoy!

Avengers Contest – Day Three

Well, here is my third day attempt at completing my Avengers tshirt design for the welovefine contest.  Thoughts on which one, if you feel one in particular, should be submitted.  I can submit up to 5 designs – which is nice.  Thanks again for all the input and text msgs and notes on facebook, it has been appreciated.  I am also thinking of doing something Loki related – but we’ll see, I really like this weeble idea.

Full of color

I like this one with the text

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