All about socks!!

So, my soon-to-be mother-in-law reminded me that I haven’t posted any pictures of the first sock I did! I recently finished a sock that took me ages to knit!  I would mess up something, or think I messed something up, then put it down for a while, then pick it back up…I have literally been working on this sock for months!  Come to find out a lot of my “screw ups” were to blame on the book I was following, and I had suspicion that there were errors, and after finding the author’s blog, I found out that to be true! So, once I tracked down the errors, I moved on….the book was incredibly helpful despite the errors though, so I still highly recommend it to anyone knitting socks for the first time!  It has how to knit socks from the cuff down, and toe up, shows several different ways to knit a hill, and to finish a toe, and goes into using circular needles to knit socks.  The book is: Teach Yourself Visually: Sock Knitting ( her blog, also has links to her books)

So, now that I knit my sock, I put it on, and it’s snug….one because as I was trying to rush knitting the foot of the sock, I made the stitches too tight, and two, the book only shows you how to make basic sizes of socks….so I didn’t get the complete bliss of putting on a knitted sock….but there was some bliss of course….I mean, I finally got the damn thing done!! But….still slightly disappointed.  So, I started doing some google searching to see what kind of techniques there were to making a sock to fit with your measurements, and I found this site….(the internet is awesome isn’t it!!) and it goes literally step by step in how to create basically a pattern for your sock…really you can take any pattern and insert the numbers you need.  So….the step I am at is knitting the gauge, or swatch, however you want to refer to it! Let me tell you….making a gauge is boring, but, I am already seeing the benefits, for one, I am able to see how the yarn stretches, and how tight or lose to make my stitches to make the sock feel more natural, which I bought a different type of yarn (Patons sock yarn to be exact) it’s a blend of wool and nylon to make a more stretchy soft material to work with.  I’m in love with it!  I can’t wait to start knitting the sock already!!!

So anyways….here is the sock I made!  It may or may not get a partner….maybe if I find someone who can fit this sock I will…it’s like a glass slipper now…Enjoy!

Oh…and I made sure to make the picture sizes smaller….Adam (the fiance/Mr. Bossy pants) said I made the last ones too big and I took up too much space….