Why You Should Listen To The Kinks Preservation Act 2

“In a world full of jive, full of homicide, and suicide there’s no room for love and romance.”

Let that sink in for a second. That line is the opening lyric to Oh Where Is Love from the album Preservation Act 2. The follow up to Preservation Act 1 is an album that strangely mirrors a world nearly 40 years older than the one for which the album was written. Maybe its just that corruption, poverty, the want of power over the masses never truly goes away? Maybe those concepts are those that one doesn’t truly see until they are old enough to understand the way the world works?



Sweet Babies, It’s August?! July’s Playlist

This month has flown, and, once again, beautiful distractions have caused me to be late with my playlist of the month.
Visits from/with friends, meeting Neil Gaiman, Alan Tudyk, John Barrowman, Colin Baker, Adam Baldwin, watching movies with family, swimming, trivia nights – when I think of all the fantastic times I have had this month, enjoying the company of those I love and admire, I really can’t complain of time wasted. Sadly, time spent well flies just as fast as tine in general and before we know it, it has passed.
So, without further ado, here is July’s playlist. Hopefully you’ll find something you like. 

June Got “Kink”y – A Playlist

kinks cover

It’s been building up to this point.  There was no avoiding it, really.  Following the purchase of a new turntable, the breaking out of albums long put away, it was inevitable that the Kinks would make a swift return to the soundtrack of my life.  Sure, they never truly left the rotation, but they had been regulated to a secondary role.

Never again.


The May Playlist is Very, VERY, Late – Apologies

To say May was full of events that had me otherwise occupied would be an understatement.  It definitely became a month of reflection, question, refocus, and an exercise in patience.  While during those types I time, I have normally turned to writing here on the Easel, this time, I just wrote in my journal, spoke to people I love and whose opinions I respect, and thought before typing.  A stretch for me, I know….but I’m glad I did that.  It gave me a perspective that otherwise I wouldn’t have, and a chance to work through some difficult feelings that arise with the loss of a friend.

May wasn’t all bad news though, which is what made the month so much a reflection of what life is like.  Two of my absolute favorite people got married and wanted me (ME!!) to be a part of the ceremony – which was amazing, and beautiful, and reminded me of what can be good in a relationship.  I was able to attend a camp out/birthday celebration with my Dad where we played music, threw baseball, and just enjoyed the trip down and back.  These Bischoff camp outs have become something I look forward to all year.  I love seeing this extended family of ours and spending time with those wonderful souls.  It’s the time with my Daddy though that really makes it all worth while.  He’s just an amazing man and I don’t tell him that enough….mainly because he would tell me to stop it.  We’re a lot a like.

Anyways, here is the late – very late – playlist for May.  I hope it entertains and gives you an insight to a band or two you may have otherwise not have thought of.

1. Mixed Emotions – The Rolling Stones: I have always loved this song.  You have to understand, my Dad wired our house for sound BEFORE surround sound was something you bought (his is an engineer after all, and he uses his powers to ROCK!).  This is a tune that whenever I hear it, it makes me move (poorly, but I move). Enjoy the 80’s video!

2. Losing My Religion – R.E.M.: My Dad’s friend from college, Richard, plays this song at the Bischoff cookout/camp out, and it’s what my Dad looks most forward to music wise.  Pops loves music, and the opportunity to play with his friends and sing just makes his day and, in turn, mine.  (I play rhythm for them.  I should say, they are nice enough to let me play rhythm for them.)

3. House of the Rising Sun – the Animals: There is something about the gravely voice that just pulls you in right?  At least, it does for me.  I have also enjoyed this song, and have recently been learning how to play it.  That’s a goal for me this summer: learn to play AND sing several songs.  This is among those song choices.  I’m sure there are other, more traditional versions, but this is the one that grabbed me during the height of my British Invasion obsession my 8th grade year.

4. Hey, Snow White – the New Pornographers: Burn Notice is back for it’s final season – sad, but it’s time.  This song introduced me to the New Pornographers at the end of the Burn Notice film: The Fall of Sam Axe.  If you don’t know, I have a love for Bruce Campbell that rivals my love of the Doctor – yeah, it’s big time.  Burn Notice always has a great soundtrack if you are interested in checking it out.

5. Waterloo Sunset – the Kinks: It’s been a Kinks heavy month.  Heck, it’s been a Kinks heavy existence for me since I discovered them on my adventure through high school.  You see, I would “discover” a band (ex: the Beatles), and then I would read about how they were influence/inspired/challenged by another band (ex: the Who), and rinse and repeat.  To say I would become obsessed in the music is an understatement – ask my bro-ness, I drove him NUTS!  Anyhoo,  Waterloo Sunset is just bittersweet and truthful.  You believe what Ray Davies sings about – all. the. time – and this is no different.  I love this song, and have since I heard it.

6. Angie – the Rolling Stones: Now that school is out and I have some free time, I have proceeded to take about my house in the name of cleaning/re-arranging.  While doing so, I have come across some family pictures that I had put away last fall when I first moved in to what was my Granny and Papaw’s home.  Old pictures have always intrigued me, especially those of my Aunt Angie.  Since I was little, I remember being compared to her because it seems we share similar features.  Sadly, I never had a chance to know her.  She passed away before I was born, but her presence has always been there in stories my parents, grandparents, and others have always told of her.  When I see her picture, I think of this song.  When I hear this song, I think of her and, more importantly, how fleeting this all really is.

7. Centerfield – John Fogerty: Have I saddened you enough?  Sorry…like I said, it’s been a rough month and I try to put on this list songs that reflect the songs I listen to most during those 30/31 days.  This song should help bring you back up.  If not, there are two things possibly going on. 1) you have no love for the American pastime 2) you can’t find the beat. John Fogerty seems to hit the common ground for the average American – whether playing solo or with CCR.  This song just reminds me of summers playing baseball on Little League teams, in the yard with my brother and Dad, or softball games with the best group of girls you could ever meet (BHS softball ’96, ’98-’99).

8. 20th Century Boy – Placebo: This is a version of the T-Rex song from the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack.  Remember when I mentioned earlier that I would find one band and they would lead to another band?  Well, that’s how I went through my parent’s albums and found David Bowie – which, in turn, led to Glam Rock.  While I was in high school, Velvet Goldmine came out and I had to watch it (I was, and probably still am, THAT kid).  I didn’t know what I was getting into, but I knew that Ewan McGregor was in it and that was enough for me.  Christian Bale, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, were happy surprises.  Yeah, at the time, my 17 year old self wasn’t prepared for what I saw in that movie, but the soundtrack was amazing!  I’ve listened to it for years and come back to it every summer.

(on a side note, the movie has an excellent cast and is an entertaining watch)

9. Cocaine Blues – Johnny Cash: This song is….interesting.  It is a favorite of my great friend Sherry and she sings it every year at the Bischoff camp out.  For as dark as it is, the music is peppy and it’s fun – in a twisted kinda way.

10. Everybody’s Gonna Be Happy – the Kinks: Two by the Stones, two by the Kinks – it seems only right.  If I were true to my iPod, this would be a total Kinks list – at the very least, Kinks dominated.  Still, this song is one dedicated to four very happy, very awesome people: Adam and Dez Lynch and Brad and Sara Given (I know, I know…just roll with it Sara).  I hope someday, everybody will be as happy as you two fantastic couples are.

Enjoy the tunes my friends!  I am always up for comments or suggestions.  It is my intention to make sure the June list doesn’t come out in the middle of July.

Silver Linings Playlist (April Playlist)

I love Silver Linings Playbook.  I love the movie.  I love the book.  I love the idea of silver linings – and we all need them from time to time.  After the day at work I had yesterday, I need silver linings.  Job postings that I am not qualified for….students who seem to insist on arguing/fighting/pushing…….I need a silver lining or two, and, thankfully, I have them.  Family, friends, moments, these are all my silver linings.  So, instead of the very straight forward title of April Playlist, I decided to dedicate this list to the songs that either show me, or remind me, of the silver linings in life.  I hope you enjoy! More

March Playlist

Okay, I realize that March has passed and I’m running a little late on my March Playlist post.  The end of March got a little crazy because I was getting ready to go on my Spring break trip – more on that later – and I just got distracted.  It wasn’t for a lack of thought that the post didn’t get put up in time – just procrastination.  So, here goes! More

February Playlist

February is an unfairly short month to have so much awesome in it.  President’s Day, Valentine’s Day, mine and several groovy people’s birthdays – just noting that there is a lot of punch packed into those 28 (sometimes 29) fabulous days.

Following the first of the month though, it got busy for me.  A trip to see the Who with two of my favorite people, my 32 birthday, and the fight to complete a yearbook on time have kept me pretty busy and exhausted.  That being said, here is my February playlist based on the music popping in my vehicle right now.     More

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