February Art Challenge: Abstract From Nature and Photo Edit

While on my mini-nerdcation to Gallifrey One, I had the opportunity to spend a day checking out the Venice Beach area of Los Angeles. Canals, the beach, shops, pier…saw it all. I also walked 12+ miles because I was determined to stick with a plan that didn’t pan out quite like I thought.
But I digress….
The following are my attempts at completing two parts of the EE February Art Challenge. The first image is my photograph of something in nature that looked abstract to me.


The light was coming through a fence around a golf course and the leaf seemed like a nice break in the lines.

My edited photo comes courtesy of the canals around Venice Beach.


I only used editing tools available on my phone. I liked how it turned out and wouldn’t be opposed to working more with the editing tools.

Staycation 2013: Natural Bridge

Balanced Rock
Natural Bridge Carved Face Natural Bridge Outlook Point Troll Under the Bridge Bridge Partners

These are some of our photos from today’s excursion to Natural Bridge. It’s only an hour away from Lexington and totally worth the trip. We made sure to inhale an entire pizza from Miguel’s to complete the experience. I’m worn out but will probably post more tomorrow.