Character sketch

So, I google “how to write a character sketch” to kind of help me with this project. I liked the way that Staci set up her character and her story with a little opening rather than a point by point description, so I thought I would run with it! I did do an outline in my sketchbook before I created this opening. I know it’s short, but I didn’t want to focus on the story line as much as I wanted to create what my character was like. Like I said, I have been incredibly inspired by comics! Enjoy!


As I waited, I thought about how this all got started. Maybe chasing down a purse snatcher, scaring away muggers, keeping the backs of my community. Eventually I got the mask, dulled my feminine features so people were thrown off, and didn’t think to trace these acts back to me. I hid in the shadows, and I waited.
I read the comics. of course I daydreamed of kicking some evil ass. But I used to also spend my days selling art and knitting. I’m quiet and shy, and goofy! Excersizing was just a thing i did to keep healthy. Now it’s literally a tool. If I don’t stay in shape, I lose.
I need a snack…ooh that local comic con is in a couple of weeks…focus!
There they are…

Back to the Drawing Board… Literally

I’m getting back into drawing on a semi-regular schedule and I’m so excited about it! While I have many, many, MANY ideas, I need to start buckling down and work on them.  This leads to my scheduling art days.
Anyways, here is a sample of a work in progress.  It’s a pen and ink drawing where I plan on using hidden text to help with the shading and texture.
Thanks for letting me share because there is more to come!


A wash will be applied!

Still without wash, but with some additions.

Still Playing with the Bamboo Tablet — Color Pairings

Still Playing with the Bamboo Tablet -- Color Pairings

This is my distraction piece while I try to figure out how to use the Bamboo to paint Tesla demonstrating science at the Kentucky Theater. A few setbacks on that project this evening, but I’ll figure it out.

The colors in this piece are inspired by colors found in a necklace made by my friend Becca and given to me for my birthday. The necklace has a mustard cabochon with red accents surrounded by blue Czech glass beads. I’m trying to play with new color pallets in my life and learning from my friends is one place to start.

I’m already thinking of changing the stylized gas up top into a giant flower in the vase instead since it’s not obeying the laws of gaseous physics at all.


New Year, New Post, New Plans

Well, as you may know, Joseph Gordon-Levitt did not come sweep me off my feet.  It’s okay.  I’ll be fine…..someday….

Anyways, it’s a new year and with it the sense of renewed hope that this year won’t suck like the last – at least that’s what I have taken away from the facebook statuses I’ve read since Dec. 31st.  This evening I had every intention of keeping up my workout regimen, but instead I spent time with my cousin, had dinner with my family, said goodbye to my friend/broness Ramin, and sat with my cat Ralphie.  All worthwhile pursuits.  Did I mention the stargazing? No – add that to the list: stargazing. 

This is my attempt to keep up with the posting goal of at least once a week that I have set for myself.  Later this weekend I hope to show you the progress on my painting series and introduce the new figure that I plan on using in my Art.  

What’s that?  You want to know about other future postings?  Okay, here are some ideas I’m tossing about.

 – putting together the top 10 songs of the month that best represent the month I’ve had.

Movie reviews – I love movies and love talking about them. 

Free form writings – letting my other creative interests take over with some free style writing…watch out!!!

And, as always, Errant Easel ventures, artwork discussion, and general ramblings to let out the build up of feelings/emotions I have.

Thanks to all of you that have supported me and the Errant Easel ladies.  This blog is a blast and I can’t wait to see what we all bring to 2013.  Brad and Cryptotox’s adventures in digital art is pretty sweet (check them out!) and Dez is always awesome too.  Yeah, I may be biased, but they are my ladies so…..

Welcome to 2013, may you make it all you want it to be.


And if you want to dress like Lady Loki flippin’ go for it!


Preview: Free Art Friday — Lexington, KY Edition

Attention Lexingtonians! The Errant Easel bloggers will be participating in Free Art Friday tomorrow, Friday July 13 right here in Lexington, KY. Along with other creators in town, we will post copies of our works (for free!) Friday morning in various locations.

Important notes:

These are original works that we want people to take home and enjoy or gift to those who would.

We will post the location of our work here on the Easel and at Facebook HQ for the event.

Check the Facebook page for the location of other free works submitted for your consideration.

If you have works you would like to send out into the world, join the FB group and spread the word.

If you take art, let us hear what you think on Facebook, Twitter, or here on the Easel.

Staci’s work will appear in the UK/South Limestone area, Dez will share her work at the Richmond Road Starbucks, and I will canvas the Woodland, Euclid and Rose Street areas. Hope you get some free art tomorrow!

Harry Potter Awesome-ness

So, me, Adam, and Staci(one of The Errant Easel partners! Sara couldn’t make it due to scheduling conflicts…but we missed her dearly! And she’s seeing the movie tonight) went to Potter Watch last night…what is Potter Watch you might ask??? Well, it was three movies: Harry Potter and the Scorcerers Stone, then Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, THEN a midnight showing of the final Harry Potter movie….Deathly Hallows part 2!!! It was a night of Harry Potter epic-ness…and I loved it!!

So! I am not going to discuss the movie…I will not ruin the ending for those who have not read the last book and is looking forward to seeing what happens. I want to talk about the knitted wear mostly….since knitting IS my latest obsession!
Of course the men of Harry Potter always wear sophisticated knitted sweaters, (and home made sweaters made with love from Misses Weasley!) and in the scorcerers stone, I noticed more the cabled sweaters the boys wore (of course the first time I watched the movie, I wasn’t a knitter, so I didn’t care…I know, blasphemy!) and I was really inspired by them! And of course Hermione had a beautiful fair isle sweater at the end when they went through all the different tasks to get to the room where the scorcers stone was hidden…so look out for that! Of course along with their unique garments, everyone sported their knitted scarves with house colors!!

Hermione was rocking some awesome knit wear in the deathly Hallows Pt. 1 I must say! I absolutely love the grey fair Isle hoodie she wears while it is winter and they are traveling….that is def one I am going to find on revelry! And she had an awesome pair of knitted fingerless mitts…may be another project I pick up!

Oh! And let’s not forget the amazing cardigan Neville Longbottom is wearing in deathly Hallows Pt.2! Neville is always known to be wearing a knitted cardigan, but I absolutely love this cardigan! Its classic fair isle, and sophisticated and more adult, which is fitting for the role he plays in the last movie…I think if Adam is lucky…he may get his own!
I loved the last movie, and all the movies are so artistic and beautiful, and they are just so much fun! So, in all, I feel that the knitted clothing has an important role in the Harry Potter films and books. It shows warmth and love and it’s something to always remind you of home and family, which is always important!…especially when you’re on a world win adventure to save the world!!

Everyone going to see the movie, enjoy it, and look out for all the art and awesome knitted wear!