Early Summer Round Up

Greetings, friends!

I woke up feeling like posting on the Easel but have few creative endeavors to share to date so the format this morning is much more stream of consciousness than anything with purpose or intent. So we’ll call it a round-up, shall we?

Summer: I am so thankful summer is here. For the excess vitamin D, the outdoor pursuits, barbecues, and movies. Speaking of movies, I have so far loved Star Trek and Iron Man and am hoping to catch up with The Great Gatsby soon.

In Star Trek, I thought Benedict Cummerbatch made the transition to ruthless villain flawlessly and naturally. I found him to be quite the bad ass in Sherlock but can appreciate that many characteristics of the ingenious but harsh super detective translate well into a driven and unstoppable science fiction super villain. I also find This incarnation of Star Trek to be refreshing and inspiring because it features the youth of a civilization driving the efforts for exploration, making the key decisions, and all while they are still discovering their own potential and pushing the bounds of their limitations both in ability and protocol. It really makes me want to get out there and DO something.

I know not everyone agrees, but I really enjoyed the time Tony Stark spent outside the suit in Iron Man 3. I think it helped to ground someone who was prone to giving into impulses like handing out his home address to terrorists. He needed that. But that’s Tony Stark for you: a little bit of Batman, a little bit super science, and lot of Rock n’ Roll. I also loved the give and take of aid between Pepper and Tony. She was bad ass herself, was she not!? Three cheers for strong female characters being given their due in mass comic media!

Comics: Speaking of comics, recently, in an effort to understand a friend’s favorite old comic book character, I gave Journey into Mystery featuring Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill a chance. There is some great and positive interaction between Lady Sif and Jane Foster but Beta Ray Bill was only introduced in the final few panels so we’ll have to wait until next month to comment on him. I’m also sticking with Captain Marvel, and a few Adventure Time Titles which are all going pretty well. I’m a little worried about the new Batwoman arc in which Batwoman is charged with unmasking Batman by the evil morally ambiguous behind-the-scenes supernatural organization that currently holds her previously-thought-dead sister captive. Too much of the family is involved in the story but that is always an important theme in the Bat-verse. Captain Marvel is currently in an Avengers Assemble crossover called The Enemy Within. Lots of good teamwork so far and I’m looking forward to where this goes.

Books: My most recent reads of the summer have been the Night Circus by Erin Morganstern (finished) and Cosmos by Carl Sagan (in progress). I highly recommend The Night Circus which is highly immersive and builds and builds until the end. The visual images are so striking and the ties between the characters are strong and emotional. Cosmos amounts to a non sequitur in my reading habits. Standing in Half Price Books during their Memorial Day Sale, I decided I wanted to know about Space again. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Anyhow, I hope everyone is kicking off their summer as they wish. How is everyone else faring?

The Last Great Game…..A Review

I think it would be safe to say that out of the three Errant Easel members, I am probably the biggest University of Kentucky basketball fan – if not the biggest than I am definitely the oldest.

Please accept my following small review with a large flashback and insight into my family’s love of Big Blue for what it is – my best attempt to write about something surprisingly emotional.

Let me take you back….

March 28. 1992 – I had been 11 for a whopping 1 month and 10 days.  Kentucky was playing Duke for a chance to go to the Final Four.  The television was against the wall in the living room of our log house.  We were actually watching the game in the living room as opposed to the T.V. room which could only mean one thing: this game was HUGE!  I would be lying to you if I said “I can remember the whole game.”  I can’t.  I do remember jumping from a small chair, recently reupholstered and busted at the base, to the floor in front of the television and the brown brace holding our roof up.  I remember we, UK and the faithful following them, were ahead and all we had to do was hold them…just please hold them…there is only two seconds we have this!   More