Before the Real World Crashes Back On Me

First off, I do understand the my profession allows me time off that a lot of other people do not get to have.  I know that.  I appreciate the time I get and try to make the most of it.

That being said: I don’t want to go to school tomorrow!


It has nothing with not liking my job or where I work.  I love it!  I’m thankful for it.  I do my best at it.  I enjoy the challenges that working with students bring.  It’s really because I know a two day work week with children is rough.  It’s not quite long enough to get them to settle back down from their break.

It does not help that I just watched Sherlock and really, really, REALLY, want to live in England.  Right now.  Let’s go!

Okay, that is a fantasy (for this evening).  If I’m honest with myself, I am a bit torn.  While I want to be here, near my family, I also want to be where things are happening and opportunities are available.  Whether that is Lexington, Cincinnati, London, or elsewhere is beside the point.  Why can’t we have both the opportunity AND the close family ties?  

The real question is, why can’t I have all the things want?  The answer is simply, you can’t.  You can’t have everything you want, the way you want it.  You can try to find a balance, but it will come down to decisions made, time, and place.  It always comes down to those three variables.  For one reason or another, those variables seem to work out in the end – or maybe that’s just how one justifies what is happening.  I really don’t know, but I’m going to keep believing that you end up where you need to be, when you need to be there.

I have to believe that, or what is it all for anyways?!

I’ll say it again: teleportation…..or bullet trains….or both!!

Sadly, I think it will come down to having to choose between what is possible and what simply is. 

Thankfully, that choice doesn’t have to be made today.  Still, it doesn’t hurt to think about it.  Just a little bit.