Alright…It Is Finished

Sorry for the delay folks – but this past week has been C-RAAAA-ZY! Between basketball games, having fluid on the ear, and driving through an ice storm it’s been hectic to say the least. I didn’t even work on the design at all Saturday because I just wanted to sleep (which I did). Then Monday = ballgame, Tuesday = practice, Wednesday = ballgame, and tonight = ballgame. Soooo, I’m running on a little besides middle school boy’s basketball (which, by the way, my boys are the best – at least to me!) and Diet Mt. Dew.

Still, last night, I uploaded my three images to WeLoveFine. They are the following:

The first - and still the one I like the best

Avengers A-Weeble - but they don't fall down!


I really enjoyed working on this project, and I feel more comfortable with Sketchbook Pro. While I know this is a lot to ask – and I’m not really sure when they will actually be up on the website for view (as of this post I have confirmation emails that WeLoveFine had received my submissions, but the images aren’t on the contest site yet) – but if you would, go to and check out the designs. If you feel it worthy, please vote for me. Otherwise, vote for the one you like – I’m pretty chill like that.

Thanks for all the support and help, it has been appreciated – and enjoy!

Avengers Contest – Day Three

Well, here is my third day attempt at completing my Avengers tshirt design for the welovefine contest.  Thoughts on which one, if you feel one in particular, should be submitted.  I can submit up to 5 designs – which is nice.  Thanks again for all the input and text msgs and notes on facebook, it has been appreciated.  I am also thinking of doing something Loki related – but we’ll see, I really like this weeble idea.

Full of color

I like this one with the text

Avengers Contest part two

Well, after a few changes from the feedback received last night, I’m pretty happy with the actual drawing.  My only problem is whether to color or not.  I have worked for the last two hours trying to figure out with digital pen/marker/paint brush best works and what colors I like on the image.  To be honest, I’m still leaning towards the black and white drawing but possibly adding text.

Thoughts are welcomed and encouraged – I really do appreciate it.

On a digital media note: my Wacom Bamboo tablet is pretty awesome when used with my Autodesk Sketchbook Pro program.  I still have what I consider limited experience with digital media, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

What I was really hoping to be out by now what the Wacom Inkling – but at last check, it wasn’t available.  Soon my precious…soon!

The following are the two formats I’ve been playing with:


With color....


..and without

Mighty Fine contest and my attempt – step 1

To take a break from my Big Blue onslaught, I was trying to decide what my next art project should be.  I will be working on my friend Ramin’s commission that he gave me and more t-shirt paintings but something has jumped to the front of my “to do” list: Avengers contest at Mighty Fine tees.

For this work, I’ll be using my Wacom tablet and trying to do more work in a digital format.  This is just my initial drawing, but I plan on posting my progress as I go.  I wanted to include all of the main Avengers as required by the contest, but instead of showing them realistically, I wanted to represent them as weebles.  A little different, but I think that’s what will make it fun.

Suggestions and comments, as always are welcome – just remember, one can critique without being an ass.  🙂

L-R: Cap, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor