Beware the Knitting Bandita!

Bulky Cowl

Beware the knitting bandita!

Headband/Cowl Combo




I finally got around to finishing my Forrest Glade Cowl more aptly nicknamed the Sunrise Cowl because I chose to use a pink and purple pallet of Baby Alpaca DK Paint yarn from Plymouth. The pattern is by Linda Dawkins and can be found free on Ravelry.

When I cast this project off the needles, my first thought was “homemade ugly.” It’s rather long and unwieldy and quite frankly kind of lumpy pre-block and weave. Fortunately, after fiddling for a bit in front of the mirror I think it will prove pretty versatile as a bulky cowl, a headband cowl combo, or as a highway(wo-)man’s accessory. And besides, who care’s what it looks like, it’s baby alpaca, the softest and most pleasant to wear natural fiber I’ve worked with so far. We can just choose to believe I have a tremendous jump on cold seasons to come rather than arriving too late for early spring!


On the Easel: Forest Glade Cowl by Linda Dawkins

In conclusion to this knitted project glutting of The Easel, I would like to share the project I have just cast on recently at Yarn Church. I am knitting my first ever cowl using Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca D.K. Paint. A gift from my Aunt Jane, it is a beautiful variegation of purple, periwinkle, and coral colors. It is probably the softest yarn I have ever knitted. I tried to pick a simple pattern without too much texture to better show off the pretty colors. The coral makes for a happy lead in to spring, for which I can not wait. I’m only a couple of rows in, so I’ll keep you posted as to my progress!


Much Ado About Knitting

So we are t-minus 18 days until we start selling our work! I hope everyone is As excited as we are! Im still knitting like a fiend, and prolly will for the rest of the year! So buy like crazy because I’m working my butt off to produce beautifully knitted products for YOU! I know all of us are! (shout out to my two partners in crime! They have lots to sell as well!)
So, I have finished my cowl, and half way finished with my last wash cloth in the set I made…I already have my next set of wash cloths started (well…I have the first cloth on the needle and the pattern worked out at least!), and I’m thinking about my next project: Fingerless mittens! Shew! And don’t forget, I also have prints for sale! If you love Kentucky, you will love my prints, all of them were taken in My Old Kentucky Home!
So, here’s a picture of the cowl I just finished…I have tried it on and oh man…it feels so nice around the neck! I could sleep with it on if it wasn’t so warm! Perfect for fall and winter! Enjoy!




I thought I’d post a picture of my lil jailbird…he ran off Thursday and was turned in to the pound! Adam bailed him out…he’s got blisters on his paws…and maybe a new tattoo from his wild night…but I think he’s happy to be home! And I am SO happy he is home!

Moving Along

So I haven’t been as productive as last week…but I am still moving along. Right now on my needles is a cowl, and off some other needles, the third washcloth in my set! One more to go! But I am taking break from that and I am working on this wonderful cowl, it may be one of my favorite cowls I have worked on in a while, the zig zag pattern makes the cowl stretchy, and the wool I am using is merino, and if you have ever felt merino wool, you know how wonderful it feels! So for this cowl which is a bit snug around the neck, it’s perfect! So if you enjoy wonderfully soft merino, and warm cowls, this cowl will be perfect for the cooler months coming our way! I have 2 more skeins of merino wool, so there will be more of these to come! Enjoy!