Being A Wallflower In The Digital Age

Let me begin this by stating that I have friends that have done their absolute best to help me navigate getting back into the dating world. They have set me up on blind dates. They have introduced me to interesting people. They have refrained from putting the pressure on me to commit to something I haven’t been ready for, or that I’m not interested in. For that care and concern, I thank them.

That being said, I have just not been able to get into the swing of things. After two years of single living, during which I spent a great deal of time trying (and I feel succeeding) to recover from a long term relationship breakdown, I’m looking forward to a new relationship, BUT, I’m awkward, I get nervous, and my timing is atrocious. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it now, timing and location are important and both seem to work against me. I recognize most of this is my doing – mentally and physically – and I’m okay with that….for now. Still, this is not how I want to spend my life: unable to find someone and using timing and location as a reason for that loneliness. More

Ramblings of a Woman With a Crush or How Very Senior High

I have always been the friend.  The girl who the guys in the group really like, just “not in that way.”  I hate that phrase.  With the full knowledge that I have said that to guys that hate hearing it as much as me, I have said that phrase and know what it means: no interest in a relationship other than that as a friend.  My question is, fellas, how does a woman like me get the amazing guy – the guy that doesn’t notice me beyond the “oh, hey, you’re here…how are you?” kinda of way?