Still Playing with the Bamboo Tablet — Color Pairings

Still Playing with the Bamboo Tablet -- Color Pairings

This is my distraction piece while I try to figure out how to use the Bamboo to paint Tesla demonstrating science at the Kentucky Theater. A few setbacks on that project this evening, but I’ll figure it out.

The colors in this piece are inspired by colors found in a necklace made by my friend Becca and given to me for my birthday. The necklace has a mustard cabochon with red accents surrounded by blue Czech glass beads. I’m trying to play with new color pallets in my life and learning from my friends is one place to start.

I’m already thinking of changing the stylized gas up top into a giant flower in the vase instead since it’s not obeying the laws of gaseous physics at all.


Bamboo Splash Experiment 1 by Cryptotox

Bamboo Splash Experiment 1 by Cryptotox

Brad is at work so I played with his Christmas present! I mostly played around with the oil paint brush and the palette knife features. The background is roller brushed on and the bubbles are paint tubed. Further experiments to come!


Avengers Contest – Day Three

Well, here is my third day attempt at completing my Avengers tshirt design for the welovefine contest.  Thoughts on which one, if you feel one in particular, should be submitted.  I can submit up to 5 designs – which is nice.  Thanks again for all the input and text msgs and notes on facebook, it has been appreciated.  I am also thinking of doing something Loki related – but we’ll see, I really like this weeble idea.

Full of color

I like this one with the text

Avengers Contest part two

Well, after a few changes from the feedback received last night, I’m pretty happy with the actual drawing.  My only problem is whether to color or not.  I have worked for the last two hours trying to figure out with digital pen/marker/paint brush best works and what colors I like on the image.  To be honest, I’m still leaning towards the black and white drawing but possibly adding text.

Thoughts are welcomed and encouraged – I really do appreciate it.

On a digital media note: my Wacom Bamboo tablet is pretty awesome when used with my Autodesk Sketchbook Pro program.  I still have what I consider limited experience with digital media, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

What I was really hoping to be out by now what the Wacom Inkling – but at last check, it wasn’t available.  Soon my precious…soon!

The following are the two formats I’ve been playing with:


With color....


..and without