Over Thinking My Doctor Who Love

One of my many thought tangents while driving dealt with the idea of multiple universes and how the changing of events in the past would create an alternate present.

Kinda like what DC and Marvel do…a bit like Doctor Who!  Maybe this fascination with the alternate timelines in my head – the possibilities of what could have been, even with what could be – is behind my love of the Doctor Who series?  Or….OR!…it’s by my love of Doctor Who that I am now thinking in more of a wibbly wobbly, timey, whimey kind of way?!

Maybe it’s just time for me to sleep?!

So much in life is dependent on time and place. Yeah, it can be argued that distance can be overcome – and I believe that is true for some – but it really is about being in the right place at the right time. For example, if I didn’t leave Belfry when I did, I wouldn’t have met some of the most important people in my life. If I wasn’t in the engineering program at UK, I wouldn’t have had Calculus with my friend Patrick. If I hadn’t taken an Art class to balance out the engineering, I wouldn’t have become an Art teacher.

It comes downs to “ifs” and that amazes me.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about “ifs” that were way beyond my control. This, in turn, has made me wonder what that version of myself would be like on Earth 2….3….where/when ever.

I don’t believe I would have gone to the same college on this alternative world. I would have gone somewhere smaller. I would have been married either before or right after college. He and I would have had a couple of kiddos by now. I think teaching would still be my career – some things just don’t change. Music would be a bigger part of my day and not just something I do on occasion. Life would be very different than what it is now. Not so much better…just different.

Trips to this alternative universe don’t occur often. They are fleeting excursions brought on by long drives and music. Weird, right?!

Music is such a link for me. I associate songs with people and events. Mostly, this is a good thing. Sometimes, it’s a bummer. I mean, when you can’t listen to “A Legal Matter” by the Who because you used it as a joke with your ex-fiancé that is a problem. Songs transport me and when faced with the Mountain Parkway on a dark, rainy, night, I’ll take it.

So, I’ll watch Doctor Who and be transported to worlds where even the Doctor can’t help everyone but every now and then, everybody lives and it is beautiful. I will get lost in the stories, relate to characters, and allow myself the rare occasion to peek at what could have been.

I won’t live in “what if.” I have a wonderful life, full of people I love and moments I would never change. Who would want to give up a night on a farm, star gazing or a night driving from Lexington to Indianapolis? Why would I want to not have a revelation that I can be a better person or that love of all types is precious?!
I wouldn’t and I guess that is my point.

Time and place….decisions made…paths taken….I am a product of all of those infinite calculations.
Earth 2 Staci, she’s so very happy but so am I.

Merry Christmas to you all – May you all be happy with your time and place!

Falling In Love with THE Doctor

For years I didn’t listen to my friends. They would tell me, “you’ll love it if you give it a try,” or “c’mon, just once.” I would sympathize with their addiction, promise to someday try it, and move on to the next topic of conversation.  I would be out and about and see the paraphernalia of the addicted and, yeah, I’ll admit it, be intrigued.  Keep in mind, I was never unaware of the appeal, I just never partook. 

January 2013 Playlist

Now, on to the music!

As stated several posts ago, I have plans of making a playlist for each month of the year.  These playlists will reflect a variety of things, like a good playlist/mix tape  should.  At the height of my mix tape making years, with good old analog technology, I was able to fit 15-20 songs per side of the tape.  Yes, let that soak in all of you who also made mix tapes and know how crazy that number is.  I was a mix tape making goddess!!!!  Well, let’s just say I was pretty good at it.  Moving on.  I freely admit that my playlist making in this digital age gets a little long (for a Pool Mix I had over 30 songs and that was after I edited down…my school list has 106 songs….you get the idea I’m sure). So, for the sake of expedience, I will limit my lists to 10 songs.

There is just something so great about taking songs that mean something to you and sharing it with someone else – especially when your words fail.  A good mix tape can make someone laugh, let them know you care, and express feelings you might otherwise be afraid to put out there.  Isn’t it amazing that something so simple as a 3min song can say so much about our lives, our personal moments in a world so vast?  They remind us that we aren’t the only one in the world that feels the way we do and that’s fantastic.

So anyways, here it is, Playlist #1 for 2013: “New Beginnings From Some Other Beginnings End”

1. Nrrrd Grrrl – MC Chris  In many ways, this is my theme song.

2. Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars  While I may be different, I think I’m pretty okay the way I am.  Plus, I love dancing to this song!

3. This Too Shall Pass – OK Go This song is great to get you through a rough day.  (Also, it makes me think of the Vernon family which is always great and welcome!)

4. Cut My Hair – the Who  From Quadrophenia, this song is one of my favorites of all time.  I love the lyrics,  particularly “Why do I have to move with the crowd/of kids who hardly notice I’m around/I work myself to death, just to fit in.”

5. Ho Hey – the Lumineers This song is just great – I’ve noticed a theme here in my music this month….hmmm….

6. Why Am I So Dizzy? – featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt  Move on the Sun has been a happy discovery for me and this is a song I can relate to at least figuratively.

7. The Weight – the Band  If you can listen to this song and not tap your feet, sing along, I don’t know what to do for you.

8. These Are the Fables – The New Pornographers have been a happy find for me.  While all the lyrics aren’t always the clearest, I love that the tunes are always interesting and thoughtful.

9. Doctor Who – Parry Gripp  I have recently become fascinated (some say obsessed) with Doctor Who and this song makes my day when it comes on my iPod.

10. Stoop Sale – MC Frontalot This is just a fun song – smart and funny like I how I imagine MC Frontalot to be in “real life.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed the variety of music listed here.  I have purchased some new tunes recently and look forward to broadening my music horizons.  Suggestions are welcome!

Timey Wimey Cross-Stitch

ART – it still happens for me….PROMISE!

I have had a hard time completing personal projects as of late.  Drawings, paintings, prints – I just can’t get my head around them.  I have a few things on the burner that I want to get finished, but I just can’t find the heart to do it.  Maybe it has something to do with my own restlessness in life.  Job security is not a luxury I have (first year teacher in a new district) and I’m just everywhere mentally (lesson plans, house work, house improvements, adulthood slapping me in the face repeatedly, you know…the normal).  My friends have tried to get me to knit or crochet – which I enjoy doing – but I don’t practice like I should if I want to get better.  Then it hit me: embroidery! More