Music for Your Soul

So, My soul thrives off of music. I do believe if I had to live without it, I would shrivel up and die! I come from a very diverse musical background. My dad and his brother (and sometimes grandpa) made extra money DJ-ing…and they did this a lot! J&J Productions they were called (so 90’s) So much so, most weekends were spent in Louisville looking for new material. They played a lot of venues, one of their regulars being this club on Ft. Knox (the name slips my mind now…that was a ling time ago!) and their normal crowd were R&B/funk group…yes…I said FUNK! You have all heard it! Parliament, Earth,Wind,andFire, Kool and the Gang, Cameo…just to name a few! If you haven’t heard of any of these artists…stop reading right now, got to YouTube and start watching now!! I will be here when you are done dancing around the living room playing your air bass guitar!….