Pinterest Pin Review

I’m an artist, crafter, I love to cook, I DIY everything, and now I’m a mom. Of course I’m addicted to Pinterest! It does what me and my friends have been doing for years; sharing tips and tricks to life! Pinterest has just taken it to a whole new, awesome level!
So, if you’re like me, you pin everything like a maniac, and don’t check the links, and/or you flood your boards, and don’t know what to try first, or it’s overwhelming, and you never get around to trying anything. Well, I’m going to share with you some things I’ve tried, and loved, along with the link (if there’s a good one available!) and anything I’ve added to make it different for my liking! I’ll do some of the experimenting for you!

Today, I’m going to share a recipe that I have literally made a hundred times this winter, and it can easily be made in the crock pot without sacrificing flavor, which is awesome when you want a good meal when you walk through the door!!
Recipe: creamy white chili

This recipe comes from the blog Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, and I have to say, she’s become one of my favorite blogs! She’s a busy mom that loves to cook and share delicious recipes (a lady after my own heart!) and they are all busy woman friendly!

I don’t do much to this recipe, it’s pretty well perfect! I do add mushrooms, it adds a little more volume, and it’s nice to make more product without having to use more chicken, and, I love mushrooms! Also, I’ve been on a big coconut oil kick, and that’s what I use to sauté everything when I cook it on the stove top. By the way, the stove top version of this recipe may take 15 minutes to put together, if you already have your chicken thawed of course. If I don’t get up early enough to put together the crock pot, I don’t stress too much about exhausting myself over the stove after a long day!

I hope everyone tries this recipe, and look forward to more of my pin reviews in the future. I’m going to do a little of everything, not just recipes! Get ready!

The food experiment part 2!

So I’m a little late on my second week, but here’s the lowdown on how it went!
I had so much energy after only a few days of changing my food! Normally when I got off work I would be exhausted and would come home and prop my feet up and be lazy! Now I come home and clean, cook dinner, I’m ready to go out! It’s been amazing! But, I have splurged…and when I did, it was no fun! One day me and my friend who’s doing this with me splurged, and we were dragging ass all day long! I felt awful, and it was only one meal that I splurged on…
As a personal goal, I’ve also decided to cut out sugar, and I thought it would be really hard since I work at a coffee shop, where I drink most of my sugar, but after the first week, I was okay. I now drink my coffee and my tea black, and no syrups in my lattes, and now when I drink anything with a little sugar it taste really sweet and over powering, and it also makes me tired and a little cranky.
Anywho, I’m on the third week, and by now I feel a little lazy about it, I need to do some grocery shopping, and this is always the time We say “oh let’s just go out to eat!” so I decided to get back on my fitness pal, so maybe that will motivate me to eat better, since I’ll have more people seeing what I eat on a daily bases, I’ll feel accountable! I’ve also been working out, and I want to reward myself by logging it in…yes, it IS a reward! It’s like when I kid scribbles on a paper and says “look what I did!”
In 7 days I am going to Nashville, TN with Adam to see Andrew Bird in concert! We are going to be there for 3 days, so I’m going to look up some mom and pop resturaunts and I’m going to try to be good and diligent while we are gone! I’m going to have to pack some snacks for the trip as well, so fast food is not an option! Any one have any suggestions on what we should do or where we should go, let me know! I am so so excited! There will defenantly be a lot of posting after all the festivities! Also! The EE girls are getting together this Friday for a tea and a celebration of my birthday! Freak out! Hopefully i will have some water colors finished to show off that night. I’m so excited, the next couple of weeks are going to be Legen…

Wait for it…

Living Healthy!

Fall is here, and although I have plenty of knitting things to talk about (like some new patterns I have made) I decided to change things up and talk about my healthy habits! (gotta keep you on your toes!)
For the past few years me and my mother dear have been big advocates of organic/natural living, and making sure you have plenty of vitamins! Although it is not always easy (or cheap) to buy organic, I do like to try and make everything by hand from scratch, so I know what’s going down my gullet! I think (unless a whole mess of people are lying to me!) I have created some great healthy recipes that you would never know where an alternative to the real thing (for example: lasagna without the pasta, which I think I have finally perfected!) I love to cook, so it doesn’t bother me to experiment and I enjoy the challenge. And I made a promise to Adam that if we are going to eat healthier, it’s gotta taste good!
More recently I have started going a more natural route to my daily hygiene routine (when you say “hygiene” it always sound too personal doesn’t it?) mostly when it comes to my face! I have struggled with acne problems my whole adult life, and I have found some pretty amazing alternatives to harsh face washes. Here they are:

Honey: apparently honey isn’t as good for you to eat as it is for your face! You can wash your face with honey, everyday, twice a day. It surprisingly doesn’t feel sticky when it’s wet, and it makes your skin look radiant! You can also mix oatmeal (cooked and cooled) and honey for a mask! Organic honey is the best, the light colored kind that’s a bit more thicker, but I have a honey bear chillin in the shower right now, and it was a mean $2.50…and it still works great!

Lemons: lemons are great for clearing up blemishes and it also makes your skin feel extraordinarily soft! Just squeeze some lemon on your hand (or directly on your face if you feel brave) and spread over blemishes, or just all over your skin. Rinse with warm water!

Chick pea flour + milk= the best face mask you have ever used in your life! I like to make mine a little thick, and once it dries your face feels so tight you can’t move your lips! It take some patience and warm water to get it off, but this mask is good for small scarring, and acne, and keeping healthy skin. Experiment with different ratios of milk and flour to find what suits you best, you can’t go wrong no matter what!

Witch hazel: you can find this in any drug store, most super markets have it. It’s great for quite a few things, I originally got witch hazel after I got my first tattoo, the artist (and good friend X David Williams) told me it was good for the itch when it started to heel. Well after getting it I found out it does wonderful things for your skin! Especially for your face, put some of this on a cotton ball and swipe over your face after you have washed it (with honey of course;))

Okay, that’s all the secrets I have for you for now! Tomorrow I am making lasagna. Adam’s brother David is coming over and I heard he loves pasta! He’s in town doing some work and I’m going to make a half and half lasagna (half made with pasta half without) just so I don’t scare him away from ever eating at my house again! But I will tempt him to try it…and I will post the recipe and his review tomorrow!! I hope he loves it!

I hope everyone tries some of these things, even without problematic skin, you can still use this stuff! Your Skin will just be that much awesome-er!!