It’s Thanksgiving… Why Not?!

Lately my posts, both published and still in draft form, have dealt with some topics that I feel are pretty frustrating.  By attempting to find some self-realization or come up with a solution, I have dropped into some of the darker aspects of my personality.  While I enthusiastically assure you that I am, in fact, a happy person, I have a tendency to get a tiny bit negative.  It doesn’t last for long, but it happens – especially when I’m overwhelmed/frightened/worried/etc.
Now, let’s get to the point here.  It is, indeed, the Thanksgiving holiday and it is, by far, my favorite holiday.  Growing up – and to this day – I am very aware of how fortunate I am to have the life I do.  If I get too deep into thought about it, pondering how each decision has led to this very moment, it can be a bit overwhelming.  I’m glad to say I try to remember that thankfulness each day and show that thankfullness through my actions towards others.  Doesn’t mean I don’t slip up, and, oh, how I slip up, but Thor I try.
So, on this holiday, on this forum, I would like to share what I am thankful for in this year – and always! More

Finding Staci

The start to 2013 has been pretty interesting….sometimes disappointing, but, overall, pretty great.  That is in no small part to friends, and you wonderful people who stop by the Easel, who take the time to read what I write and respond to it.  Now, fortunately, I have friends of all types.  Some are supportive and lend advice born from having similar experiences, others are more blunt but not any less loving.  We need all types of friends to help keep us on track – at least I do.  Without them, without the extended family these close friends represent to me, I would be lost a lot of the time.  They steer me back to where I need to be, keep me from being too hard on myself, or calling me out when I am being a bit ridiculous (which is more often than I like to admit sometimes).  Thanks to my friends, and a little self exploration via Errant Easel and journal writing, I’m finding me again and that feels…..strange. More

Free Art Friday and Moore (See what I did there?)

Free Art Friday – the name describes the even perfectly.  As you may have noticed from Sara’s previous posts, the EE girls (and Brad) decided to participate.   The basic premise of Free Art Friday was to create artworks, display them around Lexington, and let anyone take them.  That’s right, your read correctly – artworks free for the taking!  It was a good, albeit rainy, day.  Fortunately for me I had the help of good friends (Joe and Jp) and the prospect of a sweet Art show by my friend Stevie Moore that night to get me through the 4 hour drive to Lexington and the process of putting up my work. More

After nearly 3 years…..I think

Aries and Highwind in progressI start posting and then life gets crazy – yet here I am, trying it again.  Yes, my attempts to date Jason Segel have fallen upon deaf ears, but that doesn’t mean the last month hasn’t been productive.  I’m on week 4 of p90x and feel better and look a little better (if I say so myself) and the last nine weeks of school will begin this week.  I’ve finished a print for my basketball team and walked into becoming an assistant on a girl’s softball team.  See – I haven’t just been watching Castle….all the time….hey, Nathan Fillion has been awesome since Firefly…don’t judge me!

Anyhoo – what brings me to the Easel this evening.  Well, aside from getting a second snow day, I have finally finished a painting a friend asked me to start nearly 3 years ago.

A little back story.  I love creating things for my friends, mainly little cartoons of them doing ridiculous things.  Nearly 3 years ago, a friend asked me to paint Aries and the Highwind from Final Fantasy 7.  Of course I said I would, but then I quickly just stopped working on it.  I just couldn’t get into the groove with it and I kinda need to be in a groove.  I was also working on my Graduate show for my Master’s Degree and was otherwise occupied.  Needless to say, the canvas was drawn upon and promptly put in the office.

Jp’s birthday is coming up so I thought I’d try to finish the painting that was – and I have….almost.  There are a few touch ups needed, a few things added, but I’m pretty happy with it.  This is what I enjoy: commissioned work.  Technically, I wasn’t commissioned in this case – but I like requests.  Soon I hope to show you the Stevie Ray Vaughn I’m working on for Ramin – but that’s for another day.

Almost there....

Now, why I am writing about a gift for my friend when I’m going to present it to him this weekend?  First, I don’t think he really reads my blog that often.  If he does, the work isn’t complete yet so there is still a bit of surprise.  More importantly, I wanted him to know that I didn’t forget about him or his request.  It’s been awhile, but it’s finally here.

It doesn’t hurt to be reminded that we aren’t forgotten.

Happy Birthday Jp!

Update: Finished Painting!  Like I said, I don’t think he reads this blog that often AND it looks a little different in person.

Final product...maybe?


A Week Into p90x and The Phantom Menace Comes Out in 3-D?!

Don't underestimate the power of the 3-D

Okay, I know it’s not a coincidence that the end of my first week of p90x is on the same day Star Wars in 3-D hits the movie theaters.  Being the avid fan of the Star Wars Saga, I was aware that today was the day that the 3-D releases of the films began with Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.  As I write, I am lounging post workout (and shower) in my Star Wars pajama pants watching the theatrical version of A New Hope on DVD.  You get the picture, I’m a Star Wars fanatic!  You’ve seen my art, that’s not a total surprise.

I’m still not sure how I feel about the Star Wars films in 3-D.  There is a part of me that wants to see them on the big screen – just for the parts I like in the case of the prequels and special editions.  Then there is the other side of me that says, “Staci, you have all the films.  You watch them pretty regularly.  Do you really need to see them in 3-D – even the ones that you don’t like that well?!”  Well….yeah.  I’m not running out the first day they are at the theater, but I’d like to see them.  A bad Star Wars film is better than a crappy regular film (Attack of the Clones…maybe not).  I can over look the bad dialogue and sometimes slow story development (pod race anyone?) to see Darth Maul vs Qui Gon and Obi Wan.  Besides, I’m a little curious to see how the 3-D was added to the films.

Duel of the Fates

Now, back to my first week of p90x.  It has been pretty great actually.  Very difficult and more often than I like I fall a bit short of the rep goal, but hey “Do your best, forget the rest!”  I have also given up on carbonated drinks.  Yes, the Diet Dew that I have truly enjoyed for the last 12 years of my life is no longer my go to drink.  Water and flavor packets have become my drinks of choice.  Occasionally I’ll have soda (when I’m out to dinner with friends), but other than that, no more fizzy bubbles for me.

Speaking of friends – I should thank my friends for their support in my new me endeavor.  Doug, John, Jinny, Sara, Dez, Tom, Michelle – and a whole slew of others! – could not have been more inspiring and helpful.  I’m not always the easiest to support with the pessimistic attitude I at times adopt, but they have been super helpful and, hey, it’s paying off.  I was asked today if I had lost weight!  I don’t really think I have, but I do feel more toned and better to face my days.  Here’s looking forward to the next week and what that brings.

Good night all – and may the Force be with you…always.