The Thing Kozy Started – Jewelry Making with My Friends

About four years ago, I hit a horrible block in my teaching career.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be a teacher, or that I hated being at Belfry Middle, I hated what was going on outside of work.  The last school year I was at BMS, one of my family’s closest friends died, my great-uncle died, and my grandfather died.  I tried to be what I thought I should be: tough, unaffected, working on despite my overwhelming sadness.  The kids at school, I think they knew something wasn’t right with Miss G.  I wasn’t the same and I knew it.  I had to do something different or I would never be happy at teaching, or at life for that matter, again.

That’s when I decided: I’m going to school and finish my master’s degree and live with my love.  I moved to live with my fiancée’ and attend classes at Morehead State University.  I felt happy again.  It wasn’t a completely solid happy, but it was a start.  After the first semester, I had to find some type of work, I applied for a Graduate Assistant position.  The Art Dept. was full, so I got an interview with the Theater Dept. over Christmas break.  That’s when I met her – KozyHamilton, my boss and my friend.

Kozy being all Kozy-like this summer

Kozy is a legend in her own right.  She has spent her life working with theater students (did I mention she’s 83 and RECENTLY retired) and within the theater community throughout the country.  Kozy knows people who star on Broadway and TV shows, as well as students working in restaurants trying to get a break.  Costumers in companies large and small ask her for advice.  So, you can imagine how honored I am to have her as not only my friend, but as a teacher.  She’s amazingly funny, willing to try anything at least once, and lets me know that I have something to offer to the world.  I can only hope that I am as helpful to her as she is to me.  You can probably see that I could go on and on about Kozy, but maybe I’ll save that for another day.  Just know that she’s taught me so much in 4 short years and has helped me be happy again and want to do more than just get by – which is where I was when I met her.

Of the many things Kozy has taught me, jewelry making is something that we both truly enjoy and that I still do regularly.  I love trying to work the wire to make the idea in my head come to life, or find inspiration in things great and small.  While I still haven’t developed my wirewrapping technique up to Kozy standards, I do like making earrings and pendants for necklaces.   Yesterday, my friend Sara and I worked on some jewelry that we are planning to sell at an upcoming event with Errant Easel.  Sara is very Steampunk, which I love and I’m more simplistic – at least I feel so.  (I’ll admit it, I like things shiny and with some sparkle – you can’t blame a girl!)

I used a variety of wires, but they are all about the same thickness (20 gauge).  I also used materials ranging from crystal to pearl, with a couple of acrylic pieces thrown in.  The best part of working on jewelry with a friend, and I hope Dez will be able to join us next time, is the conversation(s) you have.  As with Kozy, Sara and I talked about what we were working on, how life is going. what we are happy about, what is upsetting us, and asking advice on everything from artwork to love.  It’s just nice to know that all of those topics can be covered while working with a piece of wire and something you think will look neat hanging from it.

I would like to thank Kozy for taking me under her wing.  I would like to thank Sara and Dez for helping me through so much.  I’m a much happier person now than I was when I first met them, and they all have a big part in that.  Enjoy the jewelry and any suggestions or sites to check out will be much appreciated.

Pearl and Bead Earrings

Heart Pendant

Earring and Pendant set