A walk in the park

Last week me and the fiancé decided to get to the park and take advantage of the beautiful weather and to take pictures. It was Adam’s first go with his new camera, and man did he do awesome! I didn’t have to do much really, so it’s hard to call him my student…but I’m okay with taking some credit if he is! So you know my series I was talking about…well, I didn’t take in account the change in the tilt of the Earth from winter to summer, and now the sun sets in a completely different location! Who would have thought….duh! But we still got some gorgeous pictures! I thought I would share one in particular (and I took many!). When a sunrise is so beautiful, you can’t help but to keep clicking that button trying to hold on to everything about that moment, the smell, the sounds, the feeling of relief the sun is setting because you are sweating like a sinner in church! This is one of my favorite parts of photography, the memories, and sharing it with others. Me and Adam had a blast taking these pictures, and if you go to our Facebook pages (Studio D3Z will soon have an Adam folder when he is ready, but until then you can look at his pictures on his Facebook), and I hope you enjoy them!