The Great Coffee Debate and Leonardo

So, I know I have been on a bit of a hiatus, life has been pretty crazy lately, but while life has been crazy, I still have been living life the Errant Easel way, so, I still have so much to write about!
First on my topics of fascinating things I experienced this past weekend, the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit at the Frazier art museum in Louisville. Leonardo is one of my idols, he was a Renaissance man, and enjoyed learning and inventing, and when I grow up, I want to be just like him! This exhibit was based on his inventions and there were scaled models of many of his best and most famous. There were lots of things to play with (my favorite part!) and though we weren’t supposed to…I took some pictures for your viewing pleasure! There was an interesting exhibit about the Mona Lisa and how it has changed over the years and what it may have looked like when it was new. The Mona Lisa was not there…but there was a replication of it.
When we were finished with this exhibit, we ventured around the rest of the museum, which the Frazier museum always has fantastic exhibits, and demonstrations. We got to watch two men demonstrate 15th century long sword techniques, and there were people all over the museum in costume based on the periods of the different areas. I highly recommend anyone who has not gone to the Frazier museum, plan a trip! It’s right off the river, and in the heart of down town. You can walk down the street and there are tons more galleries, and don’t forget the Louisville slugger and the Louisville science center! Louisville is very close to home and my family spent lots of weekends there, so I have to talk about it like a proud parent!
So, once we were finished with the museum we perused the shop, where I found this awesome mug based off this 1600 argument of whether coffee was good or not…of course I took the mug that told the benefits of coffee and why we shouldn’t get rid of this new found treat…so while looking at the mug at lunch and reading the quotes, Adam points out to me that it says ‘the men’s answer to the women’s petition against coffee’!…so…for once I must agree with the men on this one! But to the ladies defense, men were spending more time at pubs because that’s where they could get coffee…and women wanted them home! More power to you ladies…because they are prolly the reason we have coffee presses and makers!
So I’m glad to have finally posted something! It feels good! Look forward to some sock knitting craziness in the future! Enjoy!