Sweet Babies, It’s August?! July’s Playlist

This month has flown, and, once again, beautiful distractions have caused me to be late with my playlist of the month.
Visits from/with friends, meeting Neil Gaiman, Alan Tudyk, John Barrowman, Colin Baker, Adam Baldwin, watching movies with family, swimming, trivia nights – when I think of all the fantastic times I have had this month, enjoying the company of those I love and admire, I really can’t complain of time wasted. Sadly, time spent well flies just as fast as tine in general and before we know it, it has passed.
So, without further ado, here is July’s playlist. Hopefully you’ll find something you like. 

I’ve been trying to write for two weeks now…

and I have nothing but “fail” to put here.  Not that I feel personal failure, not really…I just have been jumping from one subject to another and can’t seem to focus on one theme.  Finally, I’ve decided that I’m not going to focus on a single theme.  We are going to do some free-form writing baby – watch out!

Let me share how excited I am to have finished Pete Townshend’s autobiography, Who I Am.  Pete Townshend, and the Who, have long been a part of my musical holy trinity (the Beatles and the Kinks round out my analogy).  This book provided an insight into the life of one of rocks most private individuals.  Reading about the man’s thoughts on how he created some of the most amazing music EVER and how he dealt with issues that haunted him throughout his life was inspiring.  A side note, it proved my paper I wrote as a freshman at UK that dealt with how Tommy was about Pete Townshend’s spiritual journey – bonus!!