Comics and Art – One in the Same

I love doing drawings of my friends in a cartoon style – not caricature, cartoon.  While I have thought of making a web comic, I don’t think, at this time anyways, I have enough stories for those characters.  I’m more of a single panel kinda gal I guess.  I would love to include these characters in some of my paintings.  Why can’t comics and paintings be combined?  I mean, aren’t a lot of paintings just single panel comics?  Yeah, I’m looking at you specifically pop art movement.

literally a comic panel painting

I guess it just really depends on your point of view.  Lichtenstein, with his large panels directly inspired by comic book art, and Rembrandt, with his richly detailed figures and scenes, aren’t really different from one another in the sense that they are trying to tell a story. As viewers,  we don’t have to know the story they are specifically trying to tell – we just have to be willing to look at it.  It’s then that we put our own view, our own experiences, into what we see and the story becomes ours to an – extent.

"What's that officer? What are we doing? Well, umm...nothing, we're just...uh, waiting on..a friend! Yeah, we're waiting on a friend!"

That’s what I want to do – tell stories that others can see and make their own, using characters and scenarios from my life.

So, as I look for a character to use, I wanted to show a few examples of the figures I’ve already created.  I’ll update as I add new characters and figure out who I want to be the “star” of my paintings.

Mittens - Manga style

No evil shall escape my sight!