Why You Should Listen To The Kinks Preservation Act 2

“In a world full of jive, full of homicide, and suicide there’s no room for love and romance.”

Let that sink in for a second. That line is the opening lyric to Oh Where Is Love from the album Preservation Act 2. The follow up to Preservation Act 1 is an album that strangely mirrors a world nearly 40 years older than the one for which the album was written. Maybe its just that corruption, poverty, the want of power over the masses never truly goes away? Maybe those concepts are those that one doesn’t truly see until they are old enough to understand the way the world works?


June Got “Kink”y – A Playlist

kinks cover

It’s been building up to this point.  There was no avoiding it, really.  Following the purchase of a new turntable, the breaking out of albums long put away, it was inevitable that the Kinks would make a swift return to the soundtrack of my life.  Sure, they never truly left the rotation, but they had been regulated to a secondary role.

Never again.


March Playlist

Okay, I realize that March has passed and I’m running a little late on my March Playlist post.  The end of March got a little crazy because I was getting ready to go on my Spring break trip – more on that later – and I just got distracted.  It wasn’t for a lack of thought that the post didn’t get put up in time – just procrastination.  So, here goes! More