Episode IV: Return of the Final Print

Linoleum block - at the end

This is it – the end of the road for my first reduction print in a couple of years.  I finally have my characters that will be used in future prints and I am flush with success.  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the progress and that you like the final product.

For a recap, let me remind you what I’ve been doing: a REDUCTION PRINT.  A reduction print is where each color is added, lightest to darkest, starting with the area that is to be white being removed first.  After each color, the area that is to remain that color (ex: what you want to keep red) is cut away.  When you have finished cutting away all the color sections, you will be left with a black and white outline.  So, while you’ll end up with some color prints, once you’ve finished it can only be printed in one color.  Any additional color, from here on out, will have to be hand colored after printing.

Now, before getting too ahead of myself, there were some issues with the print.  While I tested the prints to make sure the ink was dry on them, sometimes the ink layers would come through.  This really doesn’t bother me since the scene has the figures watching fireworks and for it to look like some color is reflecting on them is okay.  My alignment (making sure the prints are placed the same way for each color) was a little off on a few of the prints, but overall I was pretty excited that I didn’t fudge it up!  I also got a little crazy and decided to see that maybe a lighter color could be added after the darker colors.  It can’t.

Gold on darker colors...doesn't work

Other than that, I feel that I have a success on my hands.  I really enjoy the characters that I have to work with and look forwards to making a series of prints with them.  I plan on making a few runs of prints with the remaining outline in a variety of colors.  Now it’s all about deciding what to have T-Bot and B-Bot doing next.

T-Bot and B-Bot, just enjoying the show