What IS the “Catch”

Last night, I chose to drive from Cincinnati to Pond Creek after the Reds game (which they won, Go Reds!) – but more on that adventure in another post. Normally, I sing my guts out, but last night I did more thinking than distracting myself. Yes, folks, it was a thinking weekend, which isn’t so bad, but that’s what happens when I’m left with only me for company.
The day had started out rough due to a dream in which I was told/shown by all involved how I have missed or messed up everything. Ab-so-lute-ly everything. Breakfast and Free Comic Book day helped to reduce that nagging feeling, but it was always there, lurking under the surface.
This thought/fear of my dream being prophetic, came to the forefront as I drove the nearly empty highway along with another thought. What is my “catch” and do men worry about that?



Ramblings of a Woman With a Crush or How Very Senior High

I have always been the friend.  The girl who the guys in the group really like, just “not in that way.”  I hate that phrase.  With the full knowledge that I have said that to guys that hate hearing it as much as me, I have said that phrase and know what it means: no interest in a relationship other than that as a friend.  My question is, fellas, how does a woman like me get the amazing guy – the guy that doesn’t notice me beyond the “oh, hey, you’re here…how are you?” kinda of way?