Pinterest Pin Review: Colorful Wood Frames

Me and my husband have lived in our house for almost two years now, and I hardly have anything on the walls! I finally hung a few prints, but no family pictures. Seriously, I had a wall full of family photos in the apartment we occupied prior to buying our home. Pitiful, I know! Part of my reasoning for not hanging anything is, the frames I have are cheap, and are falling apart, and I haven’t brought myself to replacing them all. The other reason: pure laziness!

This week I’m going to use Pinterest to motivate me to finally put pictures on the wall! Today’s pin is from Chic Shindigs. She has a few DIY home things to enjoy, and recently she blogged about her new house, and I hope she has more to share! The chosen pin: colorful wood picture frames.

I have to admit, I almost didn’t do this pin. When I walked into Hobby Lobby, a few steps into the store, there they were! Already painted and (some) ready to be hung wood plaque frames! So, I decide to check them out. They are really nice, and would save time, but there was a few things I didn’t like. Only some of the frames were ready to hang, and the ones that were, only came in one size. The larger sizes were basically wood plaques with a square cut out of them. No backs, no hanging wire on them, and no glass. My biggest hang up was the price. Prices ranged from $15-$30. I would not mind to pay that if I didn’t know I could make it cheaper! If you’re like me, you prolly have half the things you need for this project; mod podge (and if you don’t have that, you can make some), paint (I’ll be using spray paint), you may even already have some pictures you want to use. All I had to buy were the wooden plaques which were 2.99 for the size I picked. I didn’t make time to check other stores, but, you may be able to find them cheaper. By the way, one of my favorite places to get pictures, especially if I want them fast and cheap: Walgreens. I only paid $.80 for 4 4×6, and they always have great deals!

This project hardly took a day to make. Like I said, I used spray paint, and I would do a quick coat in between taking orders from my baby (sometimes that would mean I would only have a 10 minute window of time!). One thing I love about this project is how creative you can get. I decided to center a smaller picture, making the plaque frame the work. The blog took the picture to the edge, which. My next set I think I might experiment with texture like lace. I also like how fast the turn over is. Waiting for things to dry is the longest/hardest part! The one down side to this project is figuring out how to mount it. The blog shows you one way, by using a stand. I have a picture hanging kit that I will be using. I’m sure you more creative people out there could fashion some kind of hanging system…channel your inner MacGyver.


Our favorite spray paint is Valspar paint and primer in one. It takes less coats to cover your object, and it has such a beautiful finish!
You’ll notice that the pictures look white from the mod podge, don’t worry! It dries clear! Make sure to do light coats of it though, and with each coat, finish in a different direction. It’ll give it a beautiful, hatch mark finish, like a canvas and, if you bought the glossy mod podge, there won’t be such a glare in the finish. One of my pictures I thought I did hatched, but didn’t, and you will see in my final pictures, it looks a little more glared, and it looks like I painted it VS a more canvas finish. Also, on my blue picture you’ll notice I used too much hod podge, and you can tell. It’s still a nice product, but, it’ll be something I will notice forever!

Here’s a picture of my final product! I let them dry over night. Another boo boo I made last night was, I didn’t wait long enough between coats, and the previous coat tried to come off. So, be patient, and allow ample time between coats.



I love this way of framing pictures! I love bright, bold colors, and my color choice on my walls can attest to that! The best part though, when people come over and ‘ooh’ and ‘aaah’ ‘where did you get those done?!’ You get to tell them ‘I made it!’ And please, give your best super hero/heroine pose when you say it! You’ll be beaming, I promise!

This is an awesome project, it didn’t take up a lot of time, space, or money! Have fun, and post any ideas for this project in the comments. Also, I recommend giving any blog I link a read! These are some awesome people, with some kickass ideas!

Pinterest Pin Review

I’m an artist, crafter, I love to cook, I DIY everything, and now I’m a mom. Of course I’m addicted to Pinterest! It does what me and my friends have been doing for years; sharing tips and tricks to life! Pinterest has just taken it to a whole new, awesome level!
So, if you’re like me, you pin everything like a maniac, and don’t check the links, and/or you flood your boards, and don’t know what to try first, or it’s overwhelming, and you never get around to trying anything. Well, I’m going to share with you some things I’ve tried, and loved, along with the link (if there’s a good one available!) and anything I’ve added to make it different for my liking! I’ll do some of the experimenting for you!

Today, I’m going to share a recipe that I have literally made a hundred times this winter, and it can easily be made in the crock pot without sacrificing flavor, which is awesome when you want a good meal when you walk through the door!!
Recipe: creamy white chili

This recipe comes from the blog Mel’s Kitchen Cafe, and I have to say, she’s become one of my favorite blogs! She’s a busy mom that loves to cook and share delicious recipes (a lady after my own heart!) and they are all busy woman friendly!

I don’t do much to this recipe, it’s pretty well perfect! I do add mushrooms, it adds a little more volume, and it’s nice to make more product without having to use more chicken, and, I love mushrooms! Also, I’ve been on a big coconut oil kick, and that’s what I use to sauté everything when I cook it on the stove top. By the way, the stove top version of this recipe may take 15 minutes to put together, if you already have your chicken thawed of course. If I don’t get up early enough to put together the crock pot, I don’t stress too much about exhausting myself over the stove after a long day!

I hope everyone tries this recipe, and look forward to more of my pin reviews in the future. I’m going to do a little of everything, not just recipes! Get ready!

American Horror Story: Home Invasion

Sorry this is late, but I have been partying with the fiancé since Thursday for his birthday! So, I hope everyone watched the second episode, but if you need a recap, then here it is!

The show starts with a group of ladies that lived in the house in 1968. I guess it’s a kind of dorm life for girls studying to be nurses…so a group of them leave to go to a Doors concert, and two ladies stayed home (Maria and Gladys). So a few minutes after the cool kids leave, they get a knock on the door. The man has blood on his face claims to be hurt and asks for help. They’re nurses, they’re young and naive, come on in strange man, let us cure what ales you…big mistake! He drowns Gladys and stabs Maria repeatedly in the back.
Now back to the present. While having a session with Tate, Ben keeps getting a call that he continues to ignore. Ben ends the session early because Tate starts creeping him out with his talk of sex and his daughter and how he thinks about her all the time…you know…during his “me time”.(this is important! I swear!) after Tate leaves Ben answers the phone…it’s his ex-mistress…she’s prego! Oh snap!
Ben has another patient that is obsessed with his house and the fact that it is on the murder tour. She has dreams that she’s being cut in half…foreshadowing at its finest! When they are finished he goes down to the kitchen to call Tates “mom” (hmmm) to say he crossed the line when trying to have a relationship with his daughter, and the patient that was supposed to be gone comes walking in, and she makes sure to note where the phone sits on the charger…he kicks her ass out and finishes his conversation with said mother.
I forgot to mention, Violet has befriended (kind of) the girl Tate helped her scare in the first episode. She swears that she looked in the Devil’s face, and was scared so bad her hair turned white.
Constance (here comes drama!) decides to bake some ipecac laced cupcakes for Violet! How sweet! She takes them over to the house and “smells” the baby in Vivian’s stomach…that’s not weird…and they have a conversation about babies and how to know if they’re going to be deformed (Vivian can tell there’s something wrong) and Constance proceeds to tell her she has four kids all something wrong, all except one…he was beautiful but was “taken” by something else.
Ben meets up with the half burnt man, who decides that cheating on a wife is far worse than setting them on fire, and convinces him to lie to his family. So that’s what Ben does, made up a story as to why he needed to go to Boston for a couple of days and leaves.
So, Ben is gone…Two ladies in the house, there’s a knock on the door…
There’s a lady who’s head is bleeding, and Vivian is smart enough to not let her in, Viv asks her some questions through the door(all valid) but the girl could not answer them! Vivian runs to call 911…her phone is gone! Someone can in the back door! Why don’t these people lock their doors! Three people come in the house to rein-act the murder of the nurses! One of the people you can prolly guess who it is, the patient! You got it! She was casing the place which is why she was wandering around! So violet head bunts one of criminals and runs to go out the back and Tate pulls her in the closet to tell her to get them to the basement…oh snap again! So she follows along with the idiots and goes upstairs to put on a nurses outfit and gets in the tub. While they’re waiting (they’re waiting for the exact moment the original murder happened) the girl
That faked being a patient finds the cupcake and is chowing down while Violet tells them, the original bath tub is in the basement. The cupcake thief goes to puke her guts up, an Violet goes down stairs, and waiting for them, Tate and the tub with drowning Gladys inside! So here’s where all Hell breaks lose! Vivian beats up her baby sitter, violet grabs her and runs…meanwhile, Tate chops cupcake in the midsection with an ax(didn’t we do this already?), and the two nurses kill the rest!
Constance sees Viv and Violet running down the street yelling for help…she shows up at the house, and her Tate and the nurse are assessing the problem…they have to clean up the mess and make it look like something else happened…”I’ll get the bleach”

This episode didn’t answer too much, but it did tell us one thing; Constance is apart of the whole thing! I think she’s Tate’s mom…the fake one for sure! She wants to off Violet so Ben will continue to see Tate.

This episode proved my theory of ghost staying in the house forever

Violet has to know Tate is dead, after pulling her in the hallway, he disappears…hmmm…

Vivian decides they are going to sell the house, but since she’s prego with a demon baby…they will never sell
That house!

So I look forward to the next episode and finding out more! This was a good episode but left me wanting. Hopefully #3 answers some questions!