Why I Want My Students To Watch The South Park Season Finale

I have always felt that my appearance is pretty average. I don’t write that meaning that I’m unhappy with average, it’s just kinda a fact. Thankfully, I escaped my teenage years/early adulthood without feeling that my appearance was a problem. Not everyone is so fortunate, and I understand that. My looks haven’t been something that I felt I needed drastic measures to “fix.” For me, I used to have a hard time reconciling my personality, what I like, with what I believed a woman should be. No one ever told me, “Staci, you like sports too much. Guys don’t like girls who like sports,” but that was the impression I got as the boys I really liked went for cheerleaders. Meanwhile, I was invited to hang out with the other guys, you know, since I was one of them.
It took a while, and a couple attempts at changing….no, hiding….my personality, before it finally dawned on me that you can’t hide who you are forever. I’m a heterosexual female who loves UK Athletics, sci-fi, Art, music, supports equal rights for all, wants to work for a successful Appalachia, and I am so much more than my interests and causes.
I am just happier being me. Good, bad, I’m the one with my unique perspective and, thankfully, the people in my life – friends and family – seem to dig that.
Trust me, this opening will make sense eventually.

On to this past Wednesday…