Hey, Little Girl on the Boy’s Team..

…show them how to play!

I have to admit I’ve rewritten this article about four different times over the course of the last two days. I’ve written paragraph after paragraph trying to tie the Nine for IX films on ESPN to my own experience as a female athlete in a post Title IX world.
Title IX, for those not in the know, was passed to ensure equal athletic opportunity for women/girls. (You can look at more specific details about Title IX here http://www.titleix.info/ .). For simplicity sake, it’s basically you can’t discriminate against a player just because their gender.
Thankfully, my parents never had a problem with me playing sports – even playing on boy’s teams. Upon reflection, I don’t recall anyone ever trying to convince me that playing with the boys – football, basketball, baseball, our brief attempt at soccer – was something I shouldn’t do because I was a girl. In fact, from home to school, it was a given that no matter who you play, you will give it your best and aim to be better than them. I guess that is part competitiveness, part feeling like I needed to prove I belonged. At any rate, aside from a girl in second grade calling me a tomboy (which I had no idea what that meant and I got pretty upset saying “I am NOT a boy!”) I don’t recall anything negative coming with excelling in a male dominated game.

Give me the ball Dad!

Give me the ball Dad!