Jon Seals – An Artist You Should Know About

In the winding path that has led me to Art – both as an educator and as an artist in my own right – I have been so fortunate to meet some pretty amazing artists along the way.  Artists that inspire me, influence me, and make my day brighter simply because I have the good fortune to know them.
Derrick Riley, Jon Hale, Toni Hobbs, Ross Zirkle, Natalie Brockman, Stevie Moore, Jim Foose, Bob Franzini  – well, the list could go on and on. I didn’t even me mention Li or Gary Mesa-Gaido!
This list of amazing artist – and those known but not listed because it would be too long – were all those I met in post-secondary (college) or while working on my Master’s. They are peers, instructors, and in many cases my friends. Still, the first artist – aside from my art teacher, Mr. B – to really impress, inspire, and move me was my friend, Jon Seals.
I encourage you to check out Jon’s website for info about him and his work. What I can tell you about Jon is that he is extremely talented, has a unique artistic vision, and is just an all around great guy. More