Alright…It Is Finished

Sorry for the delay folks – but this past week has been C-RAAAA-ZY! Between basketball games, having fluid on the ear, and driving through an ice storm it’s been hectic to say the least. I didn’t even work on the design at all Saturday because I just wanted to sleep (which I did). Then Monday = ballgame, Tuesday = practice, Wednesday = ballgame, and tonight = ballgame. Soooo, I’m running on a little besides middle school boy’s basketball (which, by the way, my boys are the best – at least to me!) and Diet Mt. Dew.

Still, last night, I uploaded my three images to WeLoveFine. They are the following:

The first - and still the one I like the best

Avengers A-Weeble - but they don't fall down!


I really enjoyed working on this project, and I feel more comfortable with Sketchbook Pro. While I know this is a lot to ask – and I’m not really sure when they will actually be up on the website for view (as of this post I have confirmation emails that WeLoveFine had received my submissions, but the images aren’t on the contest site yet) – but if you would, go to and check out the designs. If you feel it worthy, please vote for me. Otherwise, vote for the one you like – I’m pretty chill like that.

Thanks for all the support and help, it has been appreciated – and enjoy!

Mighty Fine contest and my attempt – step 1

To take a break from my Big Blue onslaught, I was trying to decide what my next art project should be.  I will be working on my friend Ramin’s commission that he gave me and more t-shirt paintings but something has jumped to the front of my “to do” list: Avengers contest at Mighty Fine tees.

For this work, I’ll be using my Wacom tablet and trying to do more work in a digital format.  This is just my initial drawing, but I plan on posting my progress as I go.  I wanted to include all of the main Avengers as required by the contest, but instead of showing them realistically, I wanted to represent them as weebles.  A little different, but I think that’s what will make it fun.

Suggestions and comments, as always are welcome – just remember, one can critique without being an ass.  🙂

L-R: Cap, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor