My Left Knee Cracks

It is pretty constant.  If I bend my knees to be even with my students, it will crack when I stand.  Should I sit with legs crossed, the movement of that left leg will be, with no doubt, serenaded with the grinding of bone on bone.  If I stand and turn, it will pop – pop loud enough for all to hear.

It can jar the teeth. It can be a relief. It can be annoying.  It can be embarrassing. 

It can be painful.


Scars Like Constellations

That’s an excellent line (or something similar to the correct verse – it just struck me) and I know it’s from one of the nearly 1000 songs that shuffle through on my iPod, bit for the life of I can’t think of which one at this time.  Later…..I’ll find it later….
At the very least, the line came mind this morning while I was glancing at my legs.  We are snowed in for another day here in the Tug Valley, and while I prepare myself – mentally- for shoveling my packed in driveway, I’ve been watching House of Cards on Netflix (it’s really good by the way- check it out!).  Now, what does this have to do with scars and constellations? Oh! Locksley! The band is Locksley and the song is Days of Youth – see, I knew it would come to me! More