I’m Still Angry

I’m still angry
at feeling so stupid for not seeing the changes in us.
that I ignored those changes out of a sense of commitment.
for believing you.
that I had to break a promise
I’m still angry about a lot of things….but I’m not as angry as I was.

*little proto-poem/stream of consciousness *

Morning Lessons

While watching the film War Horse, I couldn’t help but think of the following quote by George Santayana:

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

I’m not the oddity I believe I am.  There are people out there who are similar to me in thought process, aesthetics, interests – well, you get the idea.  The fact that the movie War Horse was even made is a testament to the fact that in the great big world, there are people who are interested in, or even fascinated by, World War I – the Great War, the War to End All Wars.  Looking back, how naive could we be? More